Friday, September 11, 2009

Wave @ Adobe

Today, we are involved in many activities on web. Be it social networking, forums, blogging, shares or anything that is of our interest. We also want to keep ourselves updated on the latest happenings of our interest. ¬¬¬¬What do we do to see if there has been any update on the website we are following? We simply navigate to the website login and check if there has been any update or not. Well, if I look at it from the productivity and ease of use perspective, it sucks. I need to constantly navigate to the websites of my interest and see if there has been any update. Many times there would be no update and we would be wasting our time in just checking that there is nothing new. Also, I need to open many websites to get to the updates of my interest in all the areas I like.

How about a notification system right there on your desktop which keeps track of all the websites of your interests and notifies you of any update which has taken place? That’s what Adobe Waves does. Adobe Wave is a combination of Adobe Wave Publisher Portal, Adobe Wave Services and Adobe Wave Desktop Client. Publishers need to use REST API to publish the updates of their websites in the form of notifications. Each notification contains a direct link to the update on publisher’s website. These notifications can be customized for branding with logo, background colors etc.

Users need to install Adobe Wave Desktop Client on their desktop. Since this is an AIR application, users also need to have AIR runtime installed. Once installed, user can configure the client to follow websites of his interests. If the website requires login credentials, the client will ask the user for it once. Adobe Wave is committed to not share user’s personal information with anyone including login credentials. User can stop following any website anytime. Whenever, there is an update on the websites a user is following, Adobe Wave will display a notification on the desktop itself.

Looks good to me…What do you say...?

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