Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google Buzz - A better Twitter?

Buzz Me...This is what people might say sometime from now instead of saying Tweet Me. Google Buzz is a new app similar to Twitter. However, it extends the functionality to share photos, videos and much more.  Some features are like Facebook postings where it automatically pulls thumbnails from the links, you can like the Buzz or comments on it. It sits right inside gmail and integrates with the inbox. It also provides integration with the already existing popular sites such as Twitter, Flickr, Picasa and Google Reader. Google Buzz is also available from mobile phones. You can share your Buzz publicly or with a private group. It will also pull frequently contacted friends from gmail automatically and starts following them. 

Quite a cool app huh? But the main question here is why Twitter is so popular? and Can Google Buzz be a better Twitter? The main reason for the popularity of Twitter is its simplicity. No fancy stuff. Just write short updates. Now with Google Buzz you can do a lot. Will people consider this as a cool way of sharing stuff or a burden of loaded features? The time will tell. So far Google Buzz looks cool as it offers many cool features. And who says you need to stop using Twitter and leave your friends. Google Buzz lets you integrate with Twitter as well.

I think Google Buzz is a better Twitter. What do you say?