Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Three steps to pass ACE exam for Flex 3 and AIR

Yesterday I appeared for Adobe Certified Expert test for Flex 3 and AIR. Yes, I passed it. Though I could have scored better, I had to satisfy myself with 84%. 

I had given myself lot of time to prepare for this exam. I have been googling for resources to prepare for the exam. I was able to find useful information on some sites/blogs. However, most of them scared me with their experiences of the exam. People had prepared for 3-4 months but still they were not able to pass it. Whenever I felt I was ready for the exam, I remembered these sites and got scared. I had been pushing the exam date for so long because of this fear only. Finally I decided to appear for the exam. After answering about 5-10 questions I started feeling very comfortable. I completed the exam in about 30 mins and passed it comfortably. Though I was not very happy with the result, I also felt relieved that it wasn't that bad as mentioned on those blogs. 

Believe me there is nothing to worry. You can easily pass this exam by following three simple steps mentioned below. 
  1. Download the exam preparation guide from adobe. This pdf lists all the topics covered in the exam.
  2. Go through the Flex help of Live Docs to study about the topics mentioned in the pdf. Maintain your focus on the topics mentioned in the pdf.
  3. Test your knowledge with Attest.
You are all set for the exam after following these three simple steps. Attest is really helpful. You will find similar questions asked in the actual exam as given in Attest. 
All the best.